Before placing an order from your most trusted promotional product supplier, it is important that you understand how promotional custom mugs are made. Here are the different ways to print on coffee mugs.
1. Direct Screen Printing on Promotional Mugs
Direct screen printing is mainly used for cheap printing on earthenware and bone China mugs. It follows a process whereby the ink goes through a mesh screen. It also uses a stencil, which is used on the stretched mesh. In the stencil, there are little holes that will affect the final image to be printed on the mug.
This procedure is only appropriate for simple and smaller designs, as well as requiring image registration and overlapping colors. The digital screen is unable to produce complex halftone colors because the color stays in its own place and is not attached to any adjacent color.
2. Transfer or Litho Print Logos on Mugs
Transfer printing also is known as litho printing, is a conventional method of printing on bone China mugs, earthenware, and ceramics. The design is litho-printed on to a specific paper then cover-coated on to the mug. After coating, the print passes into a water slide transfer and applied with hand to the mug.
This procedure is slower and more tedious compared to direct screen printing. Nevertheless, it's more flexible with colors and has a four-color printing process. It may be used on promotional mugs ranging from average to large printing area and intrinsic image detail and tight registration.
3. Digital Printing on Different Mugs
Another popular printing technique is digital printing. This procedure imprints an image or design directly onto a specially coated paper. It is similar to transfer printing with its application of image onto the substrate using a water slide transfer. It also presents a full-color and permanent artwork look, making it a perfect method for wares with high-quality prints and photographic images.
This procedure is the best printing choice for photo and cartoon images on earthenware products and bone China mugs. Nevertheless, it is not applicable to images that have strong primary colors and colored glazed ceramics.
4. Dye Sublimation on Promotional Custom Mugs
Among the various printing products, dye sublimation is the only technique that promises energetic print design and great color reproduction. It employs organic color dyes and uses heat transfer to inscribe the desired artwork on the surface of the mug, hence, making sure the design still looks new even after a long period of time.
This method is ideal for promotional mugs that need a full-color image, fast turnaround, and vivid impact colors. It also possesses a shiny appearance due to its different color spectrum. Dye sublimation is eco-friendly and eradicates the use of toxic substances such as lead and cadmium.
5. Pad Printing on Promotional Mugs
Pad printing technology is a common procedure used in imprinting logos on golf balls. It may also be used in engraving and image onto other products like mugs. It utilizes high-performance materials like printing pad, image plate and ink to make as outstanding an image design as possible.
This method is suitable for logos printing on ceramics, glass, metal, silicone, and plastic mugs but not for earthenware mugs and Pottery products. The procedure is quite similar to screen printing because it prints on curved surfaces. It may also utilize four spot colors or pre-mixed ink colors, which reduces the likelihood of undesired image distortion.

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