Do you spend more than expected on printing? Do you print more materials than you need? Printing press jobs might cost more if you aren’t using the right method. The question here is how you know the printing press process that is effective and at the same time suits you.

A different offset printing

This type of printing press accepts the project with a minimum number of prints about 300-500 per product. You will hardly find a company that needs hundreds of prints except for a promotional purpose. Nevertheless, Offset printing requires the minimum number of prints because they use expensive materials that are only economical when done on a large scale.

Prints produced on offset process are of high quality. However, this printing method may be expensive if you want a small quantity. Offset printing might be wasteful since you can get it in large quantities.

If you need prints of less than 150 copies, digital printing is the right option so you can save some cost. Digital printing gives you quality print with less labor on small orders. Digital printing press is the electronic reproduction of digital images on print materials. Digital printing is less mechanical compared to offset printing that involves setting up plates manually. With digital printing, your layout will be printed easily.

Another advantage of digital printing is that it is flexible compared to the former. Edits and reproduction can be done easily without breaking the bank. It also allows you to change texts, graphics, and images from one piece to another. Variable data printing is a digital feature of data printing that allows printers to customize each piece using information from a designed database, without altering the printing process/ speed. This process allows you to change address, the name of recipients and lots more.

Nevertheless, the flexibility of digital printing works perfectly when printing small project like invitations, tickets etc.

Additional saving tips

  • After knowing the best printing process for your project, the following tips can help you cut back costs.
  • Learn and perfect the printing process you will be using. This will help you in striking the best deals.
  • Never assume your printer offers the most affordable price. Contact several printing press companies for quotes and compare to see which company offers the most competitive price. You can also demand samples.
  • Partner with a printing press company that can print and re-print flexibly any material you want.

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