Notwithstanding, the fact that online business and shopping is what is the day and in vogue, people still shop physically and make use of physical cards also. Now, what are the trends in business card printing in this digital age?
Undisputedly, business cards remain the first and very much lasting impression of contact with a person. Therefore, business cards need to convey the owner's personality, which is the main feature of a well-designed business card. When your field us a creative one, your business card is just like a window in your portfolio.
Irrespective one's profession, the business card should stand out from the crowd. It is achievable through custom business card printing design. This is done by placing your graphics and text properly. However, this article aims to focus on an equally remarkable way to differentiate your card, which is the material your card is printed on.
The following will be described: a paper card with thick dye coating, embossed paper card, a card printed on a transparency and plastic business card. You may make your choice. So, you will be able to know where and what to look for when you order for your cards online or you visit a local printer.
1. Printing paper cards with a thick dye coating
It is possible to get a shiny look by using a thick layer of dye for lettering and image. Make sure you have the front and back in mind. Although the front and back pages are printed on paper, the layer of dye or paint is so thick that the magazine cover becomes really shiny like plastic.
2. Embossed paper printing Business card
Embossing a paper card makes it look really special. A creative person may design an embossing mold by himself. Otherwise, you may implore your printer on the choices he offers.
3. Business card printed on a transparency
Transparencies may be printed using a regular ink-jet printer. In order to be certain, check the user manual or contact the producer. Transparencies are vivid, may exist in various colors and a transparent card will surely stand out from the crowd.
4. Plastic business cards printing
This is definitely the last but not least, it is the best. With the use of modern plastic card printers, you may print ID cards in color on blank plastic cards, exactly in the size of a credit card. Plastic cards are the most durable, they are glossy and great looking and amazingly no one else has them. They are very expensive, but the impressive effect is worth the price.

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