Out of all the printing processes, screen printing is arguably the most versatile. The advantage that screen printing possesses over other printing processes is that it can be used to print on a great variety of different substrates; paper, plastics, and metals as well as many other materials such as glass and cotton.

These substrates can be printed on in all different shapes, size, and thickness. Some of the most common products that are produced by screen printing press companies in Dubai t shirt,mug,gift,labels, sticker, signage, posters, and textiles.

It is advantageous you know that screen printing also plays an important role in the manufacture of money and the throwaway test strips that monitor the glucose levels in diabetics. Key aspects where screen printing proves to be advantageous over other printing processes are digital printing, offset lithography and flexography.

Screen printing done by a professional printing company in Dubai is a fairly economical method of printing and hence it’s growing popularity. The applications of screen printing in printing services in Dubai are increasing as fast as one can think about a new surface for printing.

Any surface that is flat can be screen printed on. The possibilities are endless. Another factor that makes screen printing so popular is the fact that it allows one to use a wide variety of printing materials on a wide variety of surfaces.

  1. The textile industry probably makes the largest use of the screen printing technique. Screen printing is used to print on fabrics ranging from cotton and organza to silk and polyester. These fabrics are then made into finished products.

The finished products include shirts; skirts, dresses, children's clothing and any kind of clothing made from printed the fabric.  

Screen printing is also used for upholstery, linen, curtains, drapes, cushion covers, bed sheets, bedcovers, and other household and lifestyle requirements.

  1. The sports industry also uses hire printing companies in Dubai for their screen printing service to print souvenirs and collectible items. T-shirts printed with the logos of popular teams, souvenirs like caps, sweatshirts, mouse pads, key chains, baseball bats and a host of other items are all screen printed. 
  2. The other industry that makes extensive use of screen printing is the marketing and advertising industry. Flyers, posters, handouts, advertisements and another point of sale or graphics products are all screens printed.

The advertising industry uses screen printing primarily because it generally requires limited edition printing. The costs of printing small quantities digitally or electronically can be very high. Hence screen printing to the rescue. I strongly suggest you to visit printing press in dubai to learn more about this.

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