2019 The Year of Tolerance in Dubai #weneversayno

To further promote the culture of co-existence among different nationalities in the United Arab Emirates(UAE), the president; Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced 2019 to be “The year of tolerance” in the nation. This is a continuation of the past year, 2018 which was marked as the “Year of Zayed”, in honour of the late Sheik Zayed. The nation’s 2019 theme was gotten in accordance with Zayed’s vision and also maintains the culture of co-existing to bring about peaceful growth and development.

This year; The year of tolerance, the UAE would indeed play host to a couple of ceremonies that would in one way or another foster tolerance and co-existence. One of such is the visit of the Pope to Abu Dhabi in February with a public mass at Sheikh Zayed sports city. This would mark the establishment and maintenance of inter-faith activities, bearing that the year is a year of tolerance for nationals and visitors. With the declaration of the year of tolerance also comes the establishment of the seven pillars (community, education, workplace, culture, legislation, media and the UAE model of tolerance) including five main pillars to justify co-existence, with a committee elected by the vice president; Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  To champion this cause and create a greater impact on this declaration, the committee would be focusing on promotion these intracultural values among the youth and also creating a common platform for the establishment of other new policies and laws to advocate tolerance and this would include the establishment of the law on multiculturalism.  

In 2018, the year of tolerance festival was launched with a focus on the culture of tolerance, peaceful co-existence and unity among different nationalities. The inaugural festival kicked off on Friday 9th of November and ran through Friday the 16th of November. The festival began with a walk of tolerance in Abu Dhabi at the Umm Al Emarat Park.  This was only one of the 100 events outlined to celebrate the National festival of tolerance.

Year of Tolerance Branding

As a norm with most festivals of international recognition, the National tolerance festival had shoppers buy branded items for the event. Items such as branded mugs for the year of tolerance festival, umbrellas for the year of tolerance festival, ready-made year of tolerance badges for nationals and visitors, car stickers for the year of tolerance festival, branded pens, glass stickers and other branded corporate gifts also for the year of tolerance festival.

These items can serve as a reference to the year of tolerance festival and also serve as great souvenirs for visitors who wish to relive the experience in the comfort of their homes and offices. In the year of tolerance, the UAE would also play host to the Special Olympics World Games which is scheduled to take place in March. This is to further exhibit the tolerance message as this would be the first time that a world game such as this would be taking place in the city. Our website provides info on printing services in dubai.At lookatmeprint year of tolerance badge available now.


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